Autopilot problem with prepar3d  


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06/10/2017 3:29 pm  

Hello pilots,

i have a problem to setup the autopilot.
In my first steps I only want to choose a attitude and a heading/course.

1. I switch the 3 autopilot main switches on
2. I select the target attitude with the rotary knob (here 5.000 ft)
3. In the AP-console I press "HDG", "ALT-SEL" and "AP ENG"
4. The 3 correspondending light goes green
5. The yellow AP control light goes on

After this operation the joystick has no function but neither the course nor the attitude goes to the selected values.
Does anyone has an idea whats wrong?

I installed the latest version off jss c-160.
Here are the screenshots:


Thank You for any hints.

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06/10/2017 6:36 pm  

Hi Volker,

Your first step and second steps are correct unfortunately the sequence in Step 3 is incorrect.

First you do " AP ENG", then "HDG" and then "ALT-SEL".

Then all the lights will show the auto-pilot is working but the reason for them not catching is that you need to engage the auto-pilot first before the HDG or the Alt-Sel will engage.

And for your course not responding in turning is because you have your heading selected which is overriding your course selector.

Hope that helps.

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07/10/2017 12:29 pm  

Hello Support,

thank You for your fast response.
Indeed, the sequence you described is important.
Now it works fine. GREAT!

Best wishes..