JSS Simulations offers high quality third party flight simulator aircraft. The launch aircraft - Transall C-160 is available to BUY NOW.  All our aircraft will include an Integrated API for the Milviz/REX Advantage Weather Radar.  We'd like to hear from you so we can improve.  Why not  connect with us through the Community Forums or like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out the launch video on You Tube.

Buy JSS Simulations Transall C-160

  • Fantastic quality and realistic JSS Simulations Transall C-160
  • Fully working systems including pressurisation
  • Instrument reflections
  • Static elements including wheel chocks and pitot covers
  • 3D Pilots
  • Real Transall C-160 animated sections including cargo door, left and right jump doors, crew windows, inspection hatches, nose cone and toggle yoke
  • Simulated discharge procedure
  • Integrated API for Milviz/REX WX Advantage Weather Radar

Ready to Buy?

Milviz/REX Advantage Weather Radar

  • JSS Simulations Transall C-160 has an integrated API for the Milviz/REX WX Advantage Weather Radar 
  • Superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection & avoidance system
  • Sophisticated digital signal processing
  • Gauge activation and product support available directly through REX Simulations 


Brand New Service Pack Available Now

Service Pack 1c provides fixes for the Autopilot, Gear warning sound, APU sound and BETA light indication and gear door/gear indication lights.

The Transall C160 is NOW fully compatible for Prepar3D V4, however the installer for Prepar3D V4 is NOT included in this service pack.  All customers that would like to convert from FSX, FSX Steam and P3D V3 to Prepar3D V4 then please visit www.flight1.com, and download the new full eCommerce installer, then using your previous key and password extract the full installer from the eCommerce wrapper. 
This is a service pack only, if you would like to purchase the full aircraft click here.