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As commercial pilots with a passion for Flight Sim, we set out to create a range of reasonably priced third party aircraft with great quality design, systems and effects. All our aircraft are compatible for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition and Prepar3D.  We know the experience you want and strive to give you the best possible quality without paying through your nose.  We will be building iconic aircraft to the high quality we would like to buy ourselves.  Our first offering is the Transall C-160 - the history of this aircraft is below.

Our Story

About Transall C-160

The Transall C-160 (C-160) is a military transport aircraft.  It was designed to meet specific German and French Air Cargo requirements by a specially formed consortium of MBB, Aerospatiale and VFW-Fokker.  This consortium was called Transporter-Allianz” which is where the name TransAll comes from.  It was also sold to both the South African and Turkish Air Forces.

The C-160 first flew in 1963 and remained in service for over 50- years, providing logistical support to numerous overseas operations and deployments.  It has performed specialist roles including aerial refuelling, electronic intelligence and communications platform.

The C-160 is a twin turbo prop engined tactical transport with a large cargo hold, a high mounted wing (wing areas 160m2) and ramp access at the rear underneath an upswept tail.  It is ideal for cargo and troop transport duties (airdrop 88 paratroopers, transport 90 equipped troops or 62 stretchers) with a payload of 16,000 kgs, aerial supply and equipment deliveries, frontline service and casualty evacuation.  The fuselage was designed to   be compatible with international railway loading gauges to further improve cargo logistics and loading. 

Tactically the C-160 has a superior short airfield performance which includes its ability to perform steep descents of up to 20 degrees, take off from 700m long airstrips and perform landings on 400 metre long airstrips.  It can carry up to 8.5 tonnes for a distance of 5,000 kms.

Each Rolls Royce Tyne engine has an auxiliary generator systems which provides the C-160 with both electricity and hydraulic pressure.  An auxiliary power unit provides power whilst on the ground and in occasional mid-air emergencies.

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