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Test Systems Problem

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Here in Germany we have a problem with the test systems of the JSS Transall with/in 8 different simulator pilots/systems.
The fuel quantities can not be indicated by pressing the provided buttons (pointers remain in "0-position"), the same with hydraulic systems, propeller-overtore. etc. The test systems for windscreen heating, fire extinguishing system and de-icing do not react at all. The situation is similar with the vibration meters.
It works with a slow double-click with the mouse, the 2nd click must be hold. Or you turn the mouse wheel, then it works too.
The problem occurred in the period 2nd December week 2017. We first suspected a Windows Update - but that was it not ...
It occurs in the P3D V3 / 4. In FSX everything is O.K.
There were several new installations performed. A computer system was put on again, the P3D V4 installed and then the JSS Transall (file JSS_Simulations_Transall_C-160_1c_F1) installed - also here there was the problem.
The 8 computer systems are different except for the Windows10 (processor, video card, memory, motherboard, hard disks, video card driver)
Is there a solution for this problem?
Hopfully get a good answer, Martin